Election Information

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 Town of Morningside
Election Information

The Town of Morningside will hold an election on the 1st Monday in May to fill all vacant Seats for Mayor (every 3 years) and Council Member
(every 2 years) Positions. 

Before the election can be held there are a couple of things that need to happen:

A Board of Supervisors of Elections must be appointed to oversee the collection/validation of petitions for office and then to oversee the actual election process. 
The appointment of the Board will take place at the February Town Council Meeting.

Section 52-21.  Board of Supervisors of Elections

There shall be a Board of Supervisors of Elections, consisting of three members who shall be appointed by the Mayor with the approval of the Council on or before the first Monday in March each year. The terms of these members shall begin on the first Monday in March each year in which they are appointed and shall run for one year. Vacancies on the Board shall be filled by the Mayor with the approval of the Council for the remainder of the unexpired term. Members of the Board shall be qualified voters of the town and shall not hold or be candidates for any public elective office during their term of office. Before entering upon the duties of his office, each member of said Board shall take oath as prescribed by Section 52-62 of this charter.

Petition forms may be obtained at the Town Administration Offices,
6901 Ames St, Morningside, MD 20746 M-F, 8am-5pm.  
They are due no later than 5pm, the first Monday in March.


Section 52-28.  Nominations
Candidates for election to the office of Council Member or Mayor shall file with the Board of Election Supervisors a petition signed by at least ten registered voters of the Town of Morningside by 5pm the first Monday in MARCH. The petition shall be verified and contain the following information: (1) the name, address and phone number of candidate; (2) a statement of eligibility pursuant to [section] 52 of the Charter; (3) a statement that the signatures on the petition are genuine, and (4) a request to be placed on the ballot. No person shall be eligible for elective town public office who has not fulfilled the requirements of this section. No candidate shall file for election to more than one public office at any one election. The Board of Election Supervisors shall be the final judge of the qualifications of candidates for offices under the requirements of this charter. In the event that there are no candidates for an office, or an insufficient number of candidates to fill the councilmanic positions, the deadline for filing petitions shall be extended fifteen days. Any person submitting a petition agrees that a background check may be done prior to assuming office if elected.
(Res., Oct. 4, 1957, sec. 28; Char. Amend. No. 76-2, 4-2-76; Char. Amend. No. 87-1, 8-17-87.)

 Eligible Votes

If you are a current resident within the Town of Morningside and are a registered voter for State and National Elections, (and have updated your address with the State Board of Elections) then you are eligible to vote in Town elections.  If you are not registered for State and National elections, you can fill out a registration form that will make you eligible to vote in Town of Morningside elections only.  Those forms can be obtained at the Morningside Municipal Center , 6901 Ames St, Morningside, MD 20746 8am-5pm, M-F.  Just bring a valid ID and proof of residence with you when you come to fill out the paperwork.

Section 52-24.  Voters
Every person who (1) is a citizen of the United States, (2) is at least eighteen years of age, is a bona fide physicalresident of the town, and (3) is registered in accordance with the provisions of this charter and town ordinances, shall be a qualified voter of the town. Every qualified voter of the town shall be entitled to vote at any or all town elections.
(Res., Oct. 4, 1957, sec. 24; Char. Amend. No. 76-2, 4-2-76.)


Special Registration Day

There will be a Special Registration day for people to register to vote in the election of May 2018.  This date will be the first Monday in April from 1-9 pm. 
This will be the last date to register to be able to vote in the May Town election.  


Section 52-25.  Registration.

There shall be a special registration on the first Monday in April each year between 1:00 P.M. and 9:00 P.M. of the qualified persons not registered to vote. If necessary for the performance of registration or the convenience of the citizens of the town, the Council may designate additional hours or special registration days.
(Res., Oct. 4, 1957, sec. 25; Char. Amend. No. 76-2, 4-2-76.)
Section 52-29.  Elections, Absentee Ballots, Write-in Votes

a.  No primary elections shall be held. The names of all candidates properly nominated shall be considered as nominees of the general municipal election to be held on the first Monday in May of each year.
b.  Any qualified voter registered to vote in the Town of Morningside is entitled to vote in any municipal election by absentee ballot.
c.  The Town shall also provide for write-in votes at all elections.
(Res., Oct. 4, 1957, sec. 29; Char. Amend. No. 76-2, 4-2-76.)
Section 52-35.  Regulation and Control.
The Council shall have the power to provide by ordinance in every respect not covered by the provisions of this charter for the conduct of registration, nomination and town elections and for the prevention of fraud in connection therewith, and for a recount of ballots in case of doubt or fraud.
(Res., Oct. 4, 1957, sec. 35.)